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       1.It is very suitable for water depth over 2M culturing farm pond to aerated the bottom water,which have high oxygen supplyment,pruification of water;
       2.Under the high density culturing farm,the effect for the oxygen supplyment would be better if it could be used together with our paddlewheel aerator at the same time;
      3.It can adjust the jet angle and suitable for the culturing farm pond of the different depth of water;
      4.The whole machine adopt the engineering plastic and the stainless steel,which have high durable,intensity quality,resist acid-alkalinity,sun exporure and salt water and sea water;
      5.Few spare parts,easy assembly and maintenance,long life span;
      6.It also suitable for the industrial waste water treastment;
      7.It could be specially devised according to customer''''''''''''''''s requiry,and the biggest power can come up to 22 KW;
      8.Lith weght,small measure,low noise,easy installation and convenient to operate.

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